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Hello Everyone.  My name is William, the famous pot bellied pig from the children's book, "William's Wish".  Me and my creator, James Chappel, created this website to help you to learn how to really enjoy art.  We do this by teaching you artistic tricks, skills, and techniques that will make you a better artist.  And when you are really good at something, it's so much more fun to do. 

What Happens When You Get Really Good At Something?

Besides enjoying art class you begin to experience the joy of exploring your creative spirit. You feel a since of accomplishment.  Create artisitic works that you can share with your friends and family.  


You discover that art is not only a wonderful medium to express your creativity but also an activity that offers a real since of success and accomplishment. 

First Workshop- All Ages
Creating My Photo Library

This first workshop is both fun and never ending.  You will require either a  cell phone camera or an inexpensive digital camera.  




Project No. 1:  TREES:  Take photographs of different kinds of trees.  With each tree take a close up photograph of the trees leaf as well as the tree trunk. 


Project No. 2:  PLANTS & SHRUBS:  Take photographs of different kinds of plants & shrubs.  With each plant or shrub take a close up photograph of the leaf as well as the trunk or roots at the base of the plant or shrub. 


Project No. 3:  FLOWERS:  Take photographs of different kinds of flowers.  Take a close up photograph of the plant the flowers grow on as well as the leafs and what the base of the plant looks like. 


Project No. 4:  Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables:  Take photographs of different kinds of fruits, Nuts & eatable plants or vegetables.  Take a close up photograph of the fruit, nut or vegetable as well as the base of the plant.


Peal the skin off the fruit and photograph.

Husk the corn off and photograph.

Crack the shell off the nut and photograph.




Open a file in your computer and save all your work to a disk, hard drive or cloud file.  Be sure to identify each tree, plant, flower, fruit, nut or vegetable by its name and organize in your photo library under catagory and list alphabetically. 




Your Photographic Library is your personal resource for accurate

and detailed artistc information.  When drawing, painting or illustrating, having information you can rely upon makes any kind of art project easier and so much more fun.

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