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Drawing Trees Workshop Page 2

Step Four- Foliage Technique Part A

Artists have many options to choose from when illustrating a tree.  They can choose to do a very detailed drawing and coloring each leaf.  Or, they can choose to illustrate using a broader creative stroke.


Whether you cut out your tree trunk and limbs or you are using a computer and click on transparancy all around your tree my Foliage Technique will work for you,  


Draw and color in two basic shapes using a light green and dark green color.  You can choose to use more shades of green which adds an even richer color pallet.

Take the darker green foliage sections and over lap them beneath and behind the tree limbs and trunk.

Step Five- Foliage Technique Part B
Step Six- Foliage Technique Part C

Next take your lighter green foliage and overlay on top of both the dark green background foliage and three limbs.

Step Seven- Foliage Technique Part D

Why does my foliage technique work? Because of the following scientific fact:

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