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Drawing Choo Choo Train Engine

While drawing the Choo Choo Train Engine may look very complicated and perhaps to some, way too difficult, it's really very easy.  The trick or in this case, technique is to break down the train engine image into all the little shapes that make up the complete image of the Choo Choo train engine. 

Image No. 1 - 3


Look closely at Image No. 1, and you will begin to visualize the technique used by artists to draw and illustrate even the most complicated of images.


The shapes are nothing more complicated than half circles, squares, trapezoids, rectangles, ellipses, and triangles.  


Once you've learned how to draw these six basic shapes you can draw and illustrate anything.


The train engine wheels may seem a bit complicated until you understand how they work.  The steam drives the big wheel and makes it turn.  Strong steel connecting rods connect the big driving wheel to the smaller wheels.  Each smaller wheel is connected to one another by additional connecting rods that when pushed forward by the larger driving wheel makes the smaller wheels turn.  On the opposite side of the large driving wheel connecting rod you will notice a round pie like shape. This is a very heavy lead counter weight that helps turn the wheel.


Bring all the shapes together and the train engine materializes.


Image No. 4






Image No. 1

The last things you need to add are coloring, highlights, shadowing, and of course your idea of what smoke and steam should look like.


Remember to determine where the sun is located.  (What time of day is it?)


If it is a cloudy, rainy or snowy day the sun light will be more defused and the shadows and highlights almost non-existent.


Note: colors are more defused, and less bright on cloudy, rainy or snowy days. This means you need to add a little gray or black to your color pallet and tone down your primary colors.

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