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Classes & Workshops

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Each class and workshop has an assigned age group.  This age grouping is merely a suggestion. Artistic skill and talent varies greatly from one student to the next.  If a student or entire class wish to leap forward and challenge themselves with a more advanced class or workshop, good for them .

Ages 5-10

Workshop & Classes on "How to draw 'Muffin' the famous mouse from "William's Wish".


Drawing 'Muffin' offers lots of creative fun alternatives.  The key to your creative genius is not trying to copy or duplicate 'Muffin' but rather creating a unique version of this character.  Make 'Muffin' your very own creation.  

Here's a little trick to get started:  Tape a large piece of paper down on the table so it won't move around.  Take a soft leaded pencil and place in your drawing hand.  Turn away from the paper holding a picture of 'Muffin' in your other hand.  Look at each shape then without looking at the paper, close your eyes and draw the shape you see in your mind.


Once you've drawn all the images without looking turn and view your creation.  He's not the same 'Muffin'. He's your interpretation of 'Muffin'.  Now get creative and make him look as good as you can.


Here's another little trick when doing an interpretive drawing: "Keep your elbows off the table so that your shoulders, upper and lower arm and hand all work together in a free flow process.

Ages 3 - 10

Workshop & Class on "How To Draw Trees"


Sometimes the simplest things we want to draw are more difficult than we think.  Tree's are a good example of being more complicated than they look.  However, there are a few simple techniques that can help to simplify and make the creative process more fun.  


Alway have a sketchbook and drawing pencil handy. The creative process for an artist is both research and familiararity with the subject matter.  When you see an interesting tree trunk take a few moments to sketch it in your book.  Same thing goes for flowers, shrubs, leaves, and so on.  Your sketchbook becomes your resource library for artistic projects. 


Ages 4 - 10

Workshop & Class on "How To Draw Shrubs"


Shrubs, plants, bushes, and flowers are a few of my favorite things to draw.  Mainly because they lend themselves well for artistic interpretation.  


In this workshop we will teach you a very simple technique that will make tackling these kinds of artistic challenges so much more fun.

Conner's Choo Choo Train Workshop was created for my Grandson Conner, because he just loves Choo Choo Trains.  It's a kind of advanced workshop that really challenges your creative ability.  


Just remember, there is no right or wrong, good or bad in art.  It's just you challengeing your own abilities.  So have fun and when you are finished email your creative work so we can post it here and share it with everyone.  

Ages 4 - 12

Advanced Design Workshop and Class   (This Is A Workshop Challenge Class- Extra Credit)


The secret to improving your artistic skills is constantly challenging yourself.  The Conner's Choo Choo Train Workshop Challenge is designed to make you use all the tricks, techniques, and skills you've already learned to create your own unique artistic creation.  


We are using the setting of late 19th to early 20th century wood, oil or coal fired steam engine locomotives.  


Note: If you are ever up near Yosemite National Park, in California, be sure the visit the famous Yosemite Sugar Pine Rail Road.  Take the train trip up into the Sugar Pine Basin.  The train's Conductor will tell the tail of the real wild west.  Of the brave men & women that worked in the lumber mills; the hardships and challenges of early American life in the wilderness.  Most great artists are also knowledgable historians.  We take creative license and inspiration from everything we see, read and experience in life.

Ages 4 - 12

Holiday Season Workshop &  Class

During the year there are many special holidays we celebrate.  We do art projects which will depict what makes the holiday special.


This is a new workshop that we are just now creating for your fun, enjoyment and creative challenge.


Click on the button link below to get a preview of some of the holiday oriented lessons we are planning for you.

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