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We really look forward to hearing from you.  Let us know if there is a special class or workshop you'd like us to create for you.  Or any questions you may have we would be happy to answer.  Keep in mind that 'William's Art Class' is a free web based learning program designed for students of all ages, parents and teachers.

William's Art School


875-A, Island Drive No. 423

Alameda, CA 94502



Tel:   (559) 824-1530

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How to Order Books:   "William's Wish"

Contact: Xlibris

1 (888) 795- 4274

Order online at:

Copyright 2015 by James Chappel.   723788

 ISBN:   Softcover             978-1-5144-1118-6

              EBook                   978-1-5144-1117-9

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