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Lesson Plan- "Raindeer Fun"

The most difficult part of drawing a Raindeer is their antlers.  We teach you how to draw great antlers as well as the entire face.

Start with your left hand and lay it out flat with fingers spread out on a piece of paper.  Take a soft lead pencil and trace out your hand.  Switch to your right hand and do the same.

You can choose to use brown colored paper or color your traced hand images with brown marking pens or paint.  These two figures will later become your Raindeer Antlers.



Expanding your artistic vocabulary:


To better understand how we explain the drawing process, we need to first

expand your vocabulary:


What does the shape of an oval or elipse look like?


What does horizontal mean?


What does verticle mean?

Draw a vertical oval then draw a slightly smaller vertical oval which overlaps the first oval by three or four inches.


Draw a round nose in the middle of where the two ovals intersect.


Drawing eyeballs made easy:


An eyeball is simply a verticle oval 

(all white) with a smaller verticle oval drawn inside the first.  The second oval can be colored depending on what color eyes you want your raindeer to have.


Next is either a round or sight oval that is all black and is placed inside the colored oval.


Finally, place a little white dot

at the upper left hand corner of the black oval.  This white spot is called many names: reflection, 

High light, spark.  Without this white spot the image will look lifeless.  With it there is an unmistakable spark of life.




Be Creative

What makes art so much fun is there is no right or wrong way of doing something.


You can make the upper oval larger and even the big red nose larger.  Make the ears more pointed.  Turn the eye color to yellow and make them cross-eyed.  Change the mouth expression.  


There are even three dimentional things you can do.


Use cotton balls for eyebrows;

take a red ball and glue it in the place of the nose.


The main thing is to express yourself and have fun.

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