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Lesson Plan No. 2-  "The LearningTree"

We begin this class room project by first learning that each tree has a different leaf pattern.

There is one leaf pattern that is similar to the design of our hand.  It has five distinctive points like the five fingers of our hand.  It's the leaf of a Sycamore tree.

By simply tracing around the spread out fingers of our hand we begin the basic design process of drawing the leaf.  

Draw in the five points of the leaf.  


From the base of each leaf is the stem that connects the leaf to the tree.  From the stem radiates up to the point of each segment is a line.  Radiating out from each of those are additional lines.


Depending on the time of year will determine the color of the leaf.  Spring would mean a bright green color.  Summer a dark green color and Fall the golden color of falling leaves.

Take a digital photograph of the child artist.  Glue photo I.D. on to a piece of black paper leaving enough room for the name of the artist.


Write in artist's name on their own leaf.  Each member of the class will have their own leave with their picture and name.


Soon everyone in the class will know everyones name.

Draw a large tree on the bulletin board or tape the design to the back wall of the class room.


Each child artist gets to glue his or her special leaf on the tree.


Now everyone in the class can be easily recognized by their photo ID and name.


This exercise also creates a sense of belonging, teamwork, and accomplishment.

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