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'Muffin' the Mouse Art Class & Workshop

"Muffin" is one of the most beloved character from "William's Wish".  This is why so many young artist want to learn how to draw Muffin.


In this workshop we will teach you how to draw two different poses.  A profile view where Muffin is facing to the left and a straight on view.  Once you learn these two designs you can pretty much draw Muffin in all kinds of situations.









We begin by drawing a simple outline of Muffin.  Note we are drawing both the profile and straight on illustrations at the same time.  This process insures that certain design characteristics of Muffin remain both constant and consistant to how Muffin actually looks like.


Note how we draw lines across to insure ears, eyes and shoulders are all at the same height.






What is important to note is whether you as the artist want to draw and illustrate Muffin so that everyone knows you've illustrated Muffin, or are you doing an interpretive design where the finished product may not look like Muffin at all but a character of your own creation.






















Here is an example of artistic interpretation. Rather than illustrating Muffin, I created a new characture, Muffin's cousin Ralphie.  While Ralphie looks very similar to Muffin there are distinctive differences.  The tail is hairy and segmented, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, cheek, feet and eyes have subtle differences.

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