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Drawing Trees Workshop Page 1

To learn more about what artists need to do when drawing and illustrating trees click the button above.

After you've done your research and picked the type of tree, time of day and year, and even weather conditions,

what do you draw first?




The Tree Trunk and limbs.   


- Step One -
- Step Two -

You need to decide where is your SUN.  This is a very important decision in that your SUN placement will not only determine shadows on your tree truck and limbs but the location of all shadows within your illustration.


Keep in mind that while for the purposes of this lesson I have illustrated the sun so you can see it.  Reality has a much different perspective.  The SUN is actually 92,955,807 miles away from the earth.  So unless you have a very big piece of paper it is the direction of the light rays and how they create shadows on your art work that matters.

- Step Three -

Coloring in the tree trunk and limbs now that you understand the impact of shadowing is much more fun.


Where the light rays reach the limbs the color is a lighter shade of brown.  Where the light rays can't reach (the shadow) is colored a darker shade of brown.


The tree is suddenly taking on a three-dimensional look and feel.  That is the effect of proper shadow use.

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