Introduction To Perspective

When drawing and illustrating there is a group of rules you need to learn about.  These rules are all based upon "Perspective".  There are actually a number of different types of Perspective you will eventually learn about and use. They include: Drop Point Perspective, Two-Point & Three-Point Perspective as well as others.  


For the purpose of this workshop we are simply going to teach you how to identify perspective and understand how it impacts the way artists interprets a subject matter using perspective. 

Persective is everywhere and impacts everything.  Take for example this simple rail road tie.  


Laying out all the various lines of perspective you begin to see those same reference lines would work drawing a building, box, vehicle driving down a road and even a giant ship sailing across the ocean.


Note: The Infinity Line- this is where we place our horizon.  Razing or lowering your Infinity Line radically changes the persective.






Another element to pespective is placement of the Sun and shadows which enhance the 3-dimensional quality of the drawing or illustration.

The Horizon Line


Line of Infinity

To really understand shadowing you need to visualized how the location of the sun impacts shadowing.

 To help you in this visualization process I created a special section which takes four sun locations and then illustrated how they impact the house on the left.  Click on the Advanced Shadow Workshop button below to see this presentation.

The Horizon Line


Line of Infinity

Remember, that using perspective is an artistic technique that makes your creative process not only easier but artistically more accurate.  The more you use perspective the more dynamic your creations will become.

TV Cooking Show Set Design
Perspective Workshop Challenge

Using what you've just learned, do a simple line drawing of the illustration above.  Try to capture as many perspective lines as possible.  Where is your Infinity Line?  Where is your sun located?  This is a tough one so have fun.

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