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Muffin's Classes & Workshop Page 2

Another little trick in creating really great artistic images is don't rush your work.  Take your time.  


As you add elements stop for a moment.  Pull back and take a look at your work.


Ask yourself: "Are you happy with what you see?"  Or do you need to change or modify your work?


It is wthin this creative process that each artist challenges their own creative abilities, improves and perfects their individual artistic skills.


As you get into the creative process there is a lesson you need to accept:


"It can always be better, and it can always be improved."









Eventually you will have illustrated Muffin to where you are pleased with what you have created.  











Coloring in your creation is the final step.  To help you just a little I've included a color pallet.


Simply match your color pens or coloring markers with the color pallet.  If you are using a computer to illustrate your work, the exact color match is located at the right side of the color pallet.

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